How To Care For Your Car Battery: Role Of Hilux Battery Tray In Protecting Batteries?

Car batteries are the heart of your car and you have to give the necessary care for it to ensure that it lasts for a long time. In fact, these car batteries tend to have a long life, provided you take reasonable care for it.

Now, this can get you thinking as to what you can to take good care of your car battery. One of the first things you should do is have a good quality Hilux battery tray as it protects your car battery and the other parts surrounding it.

A Hilux battery tray, as you may have guessed by now, is a tray that holds the car batteries in place and it is one of the sure-shot ways to care for your battery. Let’s see how.

How a Hilux Battery Tray Can Protect Your Batteries?

Most automotive batteries that come today are made of lead that is soaked in acid. As a result, it leaches acid and corrodes the parts on which the acid leaks. Without a Hilux battery tray, the acid from your car batteries will leach at the bottom of the battery itself, leading to steady corrosion. Also, it is likely to leach into the underlying parts such as the radiator that are relatively more expensive to replace, if they become corroded.

To avoid these hassles, a Hilux battery tray takes the acids and over time, it corrodes. But the advantage is these trays are easy to replace and cost little to nothing, especially when compared to more expensive repairs such as replacing battery and radiator. As a bonus, the Hilux battery tray protects the surrounding cables and other parts from becoming rusty and you can clean them easily with a post cleaner.

Another advantage with a Hilux battery tray is that it holds the car battery in place and doesn’t allow it to rattle, especially when you travel on bad roads or even when you go on an off-roading expedition. When the car batteries stay in place, the chances for them to get damaged are less and this helps to enhance the life of car batteries.

Besides having a Hilux battery tray as the base for your battery, here are a few other things you can do to care for your battery, so it lasts for a longer time.

Caring For Your Car Battery

Here are some small, but significant ways to care for your battery to ensure its longevity and good performance.

  • Clean the top of the battery. In particular, look for any signs of corrosion and remove it right away. A simple wipe down can do this job for you. If needed, use a mixture of water and baking soda to gently remove the rust.
  • Disconnect the cables and check for any signs of wear and tear. If you see even the smallest signs of corrosion, use the same mixture as above to remove them.
  • Never pry on the battery as this could be dangerous. Instead, use a wrench to create some additional space that can make it easy to remove the cables.
  • Check the level of electrolyte in the battery by filling the holes with pure distilled water.
  • Never overfill the cells and cause the water to flow out. Once you have filled a decent amount of water, look for any seepage or crack as this may require you to replace the battery as well as the Hilux battery tray supporting it.
  • Let the water sit in the electrolyte mixture of your battery for a few hours, and now test it with a hydrometer. Ideally, squeeze the hydrometer ball and it will take out some fluid. Get the reading and squirt it back inside.
  • For every 10 degrees above 80, add a value of 0.04 and for every 10 degrees below 80, subtract a value of 0.04. The final value should be about 1.265 or higher. If it is below 1200, it means your battery needs a recharge.
  • If you plan to remove the battery from the Hilux battery tray, make sure to remove the negative cables first and then move to the positive cables as this reduces the possibility of electrical shocks.
  • When you want to lift the battery from the Hilux battery tray, unscrew the bolts, and use a heavy-duty band to lift the car battery
  • Keep in mind that batteries are heavy and it is hazardous to drop them.

Thus, these are some of the different ways to care for your battery and it is highly recommended that you use a Hilux battery tray to ensure that the acid leaking from your battery doesn’t corrode the surrounding cables and car parts.

Now, that we’ve talked about caring for your battery, let’s see some situations that may warrant a charge or replacement for your car battery.

When To Recharge Or Replace A Car Battery?

You have to recharge your car battery in the following situations:

  • Your headlights look dim when you start the car and tend to rev up after that. Ideally, your headlights should be bright when you start the car.
  • It takes a few minutes for you to start the car at all times. This could also be due to other reasons such as a faulty alternator, wiring problems, and more. Reach out to a technician to better understand its cause.
  • When the battery is close to its expected end of life, which will be mentioned in the battery itself. It is usually about 60 to 84 months from the date of manufacture.


To conclude, taking care of your car battery will go a long way in ensuring that it lasts for a long time. One of the things that top the list of good care is to have a Hilux battery tray to hold your battery, so it can take all the corroding without affecting the cables and underlying car parts. Other aspects include checking the electrolyte levels of your battery, taking care while removing them, and watching for signs that tell you when it is time to recharge or replace your battery.