Planting of New Tree at Takoma Recreation Center
A project of Historic Takoma, Inc. and the Friends of Takoma Recreation Center,
with contributions from Neighbors, Inc. and the Takoma DC Neighborhood Association
Description of Project

Planting on November 14, 2011 -- Photos by Loretta Neumann are below
Dedication on February 22, 2012 -- Photos and Video by Loretta Neumann

The neighbors seen below (from left to right in the last photo) are Jack Carson, Loretta Neumann, Shannon Cockett, Diana Kohn, Luke Turner, Faith Wheeler, and Bonnie Moss, and in the next to last are the men from Casey trees who helped make this possible.

For more of Loretta's November 14 photos, click here and for 11/14 photos by Bonnie Moss, click here.